#1 Rated Room Air Purifier
The HealthPro Plus is America's top rated room air purifier. Filters more allergens than other purifiers The only air purifier proven to filter the most harmful particles Medical-grade air filteration Uses 100% Healthy Technology No ozone, no ions or UV HyperHEPA technology is up to 100x more effective. Swiss made.
IQAir Filters Out What Other Air Purifiers Don't
The molecular effectiveness makes this device also  suitable for asthma sufferers, as asthma sufferers are  often sensitized to molecular irritants, as well as  allergens. The HealthPro Plus removes the most allergens and household pollutants. It's ultra-high efficiency filtration is so powerful, it can remove as much as 100 times the amount of air pollutants and allergens as some commonly sold air cleaners. Advanced testing shows that the IQAir HealthPro Plus is the first air purifier to ever achieve a "0" (zero) reading on a particle counter test. That means no particles can escape our advanced HyperHEPA filtration... Now that's really clearing the air!
Some Popular Air Cleaners Only Meet 10% Of Their Claims
Efficiency statements of many air purifiers can look  impressive at first glance, but the actual effectiveness  of the products often doesn't match the claims. Air  cleaners with HEPA filters claim a 99.97% efficiency rating for filtering products 0.3 microns or larger. System leakage and inferior construction reduce the air filtration efficiency so much that independent testing shows that some popular air cleaners don't even meet 10% of their claims.
Chosen By The American Lung Association
IQAir is proud to have been chosen by the American Lung Association as their sole educational partner for the air cleaner industry. We are honored to be selected by the world's most reputable organization committed to lung health. This exclusive partnership combines the American Lung Association's 100 year long commitment to lung disease prevention and promotion of good lung health with IQAir's 45 year commitment to air cleaning excellence!
How It Works

Micro-particle filtration

Eliminates micro-particles such as pollen, pet dander and mold spores.

Granular activated carbon adsorption

Eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOC), which are responsible for odors.
HyperHEPA filtration fibers are 10x thinner than other filters - smaller fibers mean better filtration

HyperHEPA filtration

Eliminates bacteria, viruses and combustion particles from automobiles and smoke through a nano-fiber structure.
What Makes The HealthPro Plus The Best?
#1 Rated Air Purifier

The HealthPro Plus has received more #1 reviews than any other air purifier.

Awards won by the HealthPro Plus

The HyperHEPA Difference

IQAir's HyperHEPA filtration is tested and certified to filter dust particles down to 0.003 microns (the world's smallest particle) with a guaranteed minimum efficiency of over 99.5%. This is 100 times better than what can be achieved by ordinary HEPA technology. The outcome is the elimination of those particles that can do the most damage to your body's cells.

HealthPro Plus system efficiency

100% Healthy Technology

Our HyperHEPA filtration technology is the safest, healthiest and most effective way to clean the air. We filter the air down to the 0.003 micron level with no ozone, no ions, no UV, no chemicals or unhealthy byproducts. 

Special Features Ozonators Ionizers Ordinary HEPA IQAir HealthPro Plus
Captures Over 99.5% of Viruses, Bacteria, Pet Allergens, Mold Spors, Dust & Pollen       Star
Medical-Grade Filtration       Star
100% Sealed Filtration       Star
Certified Ozone-Free by the IAACM     Star Star
No Ions     Star Star

Trusted by Hospitals Worldwide
IQAir is the number one air purifier used in hundreds of hospitals worldwide. Patients in a weakened state need to be protected from viruses, bacteria and other microscopic airborne pollutants that can hinder their recovery. IQAir is proud of its history of providing hospitals with the very best in

air filtration systems. In fact, the Hong Kong Hospital Authority chose IQAir over several other competitors' air cleaners when choosing the best solution in fighting against SARS. IQAir is the #1 choice of hospitals worldwide.

Swiss Made
Swiss Made is more than just a label of origin. It is a sign of outstanding quality, uniqueness, superior design, innovation, precision and reliability. In an industry where most air cleaners don't meet manufacturers' claims, IQAir tests and certifies each and every
air purification system. In our state-of-the-art Swiss production facility, each HealthPro Plus is tested for particle filtration efficiency, filter leakage and air delivery. In fact, IQAir makes the only individually tested and certified air cleaners available for home use. Your HealthPro Plus arrives to you with a two-page hand-signed Certificate of Performance, so that you are assured that your system lives up to our Quality Guarantee. That's how serious we are about quality.




Why Ultra-Fine Particles Are Dangerous
Numerous scientific studies have proven that ultra-fine particles (defined as 0.1 microns or smaller) are the most harmful to our health. They can be absorbed through lung tissue right into our blood stream. These ultra-fine particles are small enough to penetrate a cell's mitochondria (the center and brain of the cell) and cause cell damage. It is estimated that ultra-fine particles subtract 10 years from a person's life.* Furthermore, a study by The American Heart Association shows that these ultra-fine particles can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. IQAir air purifiers are guaranteed to filter out these harmful particles down to 0.003 microns (the world's smallest particle), giving you the cleanest and freshest air possible in your home.
Superior Gas & Odor Control
Our patented V5 filtration provides the best solution for gas and odor elimination. In order to remove gaseous pollutants you have to have the right combination of media. Our system combines two types of media, one that adsorbs odors and gases and another media that changes the pollutant to an oxidized form. The outcome is air that is as clean as it smells.




5-Year Warranty
The IQAir HealthPro Plus is an investment in clean air for many years to come. IQAir is proud to cover the HealthPro Series in the US and Canada for a full five (5) years against defects in parts and labor. Filters are consumables and exempt from this warranty.
Technical Information


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